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We build houses made from recycled plastic waste

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We are a triple impact company pioneering a plastic constructive system in Africa by transforming plastic waste into affordable houses. We create opportunities for affordable and dignified living that is accessible to everyone.

Discover our Plastic Constructive System

Our product is a quick-build, low-carbon, modular structure manufactured and built by local people from locally available materials.

How we create our modular homes

Our quick build, affordable, low carbon building solution is designed for modularity, and structural simplicity.


Our designs ensure optimal space use while ensuring dignified living spaces.


Offsite production of our constructive system to be installed on site.

Project Management

Efficient management of time, people, and building to deliver a final quality product.

Plastic Constructive System

Modular construction for easy assembly. Our system is made up of the following:

Plastic Blocks

Universal Columns

Plastic Beams

Let's Build Together

We deliver dignified living spaces that are inclusive of design, build and project management. We design together and walk with you on your journey to realising your investments.

News & Blogs


We were deeply honored to be recognized at the Africa Climate Summit CEO's Roundtable with the Environment Sustainability Award.
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Exhibition at the UN Habitata assembly 2023

Role of Education in Implementing A Circular Economy

In the earlier centuries, when industrialization was discovered and was taking off, education played an important role.
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man standing next to a plastic landfill

Show Me The Economic Value of Plastic Waste

In our pursuit to address plastic waste, we face a crucial challenge: how people will adapt to new measures amidst global economic turbulence.
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Man standing next to a landfill

Effects of Climate Change on Mental Health

From city life, you decide to take up on a farming project on some huge piece of land back home say about 2 acres. Climate change has direct and indirect impacts on mental health.
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Data & Circular Economy!

If you’ve had to maneuver traffic using google maps to a meeting today, you used data to arrive at that decision. 💡 Here's how Data affects the transition to circular economy.
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