KGBS Sustainability in Action Tour at Timao Group

KGBS Sustainability In Action Tour: Showcasing The Future

In a trailblazing initiative, Timao Group recently welcomed the Kenya Green Building Society (KGBS) on a Sustainability in Action Tour, where the spotlight shone on our innovative housing made of plastic bricks. Led by KGBS CEO Nasra Nanda, the tour brought together professionals from the building and construction industry, policymakers in architecture, and students pursuing studies in civil and...

Timao Group’s Pioneering Solution Towards Addressing Marine Pollution

In a significant stride towards environmental stewardship, Timao Group recently hosted the Nairobi Rivers Commission team, led by the esteemed CEO, Pamela Olet. This rendezvous centered on a crucial discourse addressing the imminent threats of river choking and marine pollution, primarily attributed to the pervasive issue of plastic waste. The collaborative meeting, spearheaded by our CEO, Ishmael...

Italian president visits Timao Group at E$Impact Showcase

Unveiling Our Innovative Solution To The Italian President Sergio Mattarella

In a historic visit, Italian President H.E Sergio Mattarella explored the pioneering strides of innovation at the E4Impact foundation, with a spotlight on Timao Group's groundbreaking initiative in plastic waste management. The heart of this innovation lies in the transformation of plastic waste into sustainable building materials, offering a beacon of hope in addressing Kenya's dual challenges of...

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