KGBS Sustainability In Action Tour: Showcasing The Future

KGBS Sustainability in Action Tour at Timao Group

In a trailblazing initiative, Timao Group recently welcomed the Kenya Green Building Society (KGBS) on a Sustainability in Action Tour, where the spotlight shone on our innovative housing made of plastic bricks. Led by KGBS CEO Nasra Nanda, the tour brought together professionals from the building and construction industry, policymakers in architecture, and students pursuing studies in civil and structural engineering.

An Interactive Showcase: Unveiling the Potential of Sustainable Construction

The heart of the tour was a vibrant showcase where our plastic brick housing stood as a testament to sustainable construction practices. Professionals and students alike engaged in an interactive session, firing questions about the house and delving into the intricacies of introducing sustainability in construction. This exchange not only fostered learning but also highlighted the transformative potential of alternative building materials.

Behind the Scenes: A Factory Tour Unveiling Plastic Waste Transformation

Following the showcase, the tour ventured into the heart of Timao Group’s operations—a factory where plastic waste undergoes a remarkable transformation. From the collection of plastic waste to the meticulous sorting process and the value addition that turns it into building material, the tour provided an insightful journey into the innovative process driving Timao Group’s mission.

Media Session: Advocating for Policy Support and Private Sector Funding

A pivotal moment unfolded as Timao Group’s Co-Founders, Ishmael Hezekiah, and Jean James, engaged in a media session with KBC. Their message resonated with urgency as they urged the government to champion local innovations through policy development. Simultaneously, they called upon the private sector to play a pivotal role in attracting funding to sustain and amplify such groundbreaking initiatives.

KGBS Chairman’s Call to Action: Embracing Alternative Building Materials

Azmeena Bhanji, Chairperson of the KGBS Board and a seasoned figure in the real estate sector, emphasized the immediate need to adopt alternative building materials. He stressed the significance of innovative approaches like recycling plastic waste into building blocks, signifying a paradigm shift toward sustainable construction practices.

Synergies Unveiled: BASI GO’s Partnership Adds a Green Touch

This event witnessed a convergence of diverse sectors, as BASI GO, an e-mobility company revolutionizing transportation in Kenya, partnered to showcase the environmental impact of their electric buses. The collaboration underscored the shared commitment to sustainability and the interconnectedness of different industries in shaping a greener future.

A Grateful Acknowledgment: Thanking KGBS and BASI GO for Synergizing Efforts

Timao Group extends heartfelt gratitude to KGBS and BASI GO for turning this vision into a reality. The collaboration exemplifies the power of synergies, where different sectors converge with a shared commitment to sustainability. This Sustainability in Action Tour is more than an event; it’s a collective stride toward a future where innovation and environmental consciousness intertwine seamlessly.

In closing, we stand at the cusp of a transformative era. Timao Group, KGBS, and BASI GO have collectively spoken the language of sustainability across different sectors, making the Sustainability in Action Tour an embodiment of progress, innovation, and a shared vision for a sustainable tomorrow.

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